New QGIS project

Let’s create a new project in QGIS Desktop:

  1. copy example dataset from /mnt/repository/isprs/publication_workshop to Projects directory

  2. DO NOT open existing project ISPRS_summerschool_ospublication.qgs - create new one

  3. Open QGIS


    Fig. 64 Open a new QGIS project.

  4. Set project properties: Name, CRS, relative data path


    Fig. 65 Set name of the project, CRS (EPSG:32633 WGS84/UTM33), relative path.

Orthophoto images

  1. Load Orthophoto images from publication-data/orthophoto_0_25_utm/north_up


    Fig. 66 Orthophoto images are stored in publication-data/orthophoto_0_25_utm/north_up. If asked, set EPSG:32633 WGS84/UTM33 the CRS value of input data.

  2. Set transparency of raster data to value 0


    Fig. 67 Layer properties - Transparency set 0.

  3. As result, have orthophoto image of Telč


    Fig. 68 Do not forget to create Orthophoto layer group in the layer switcher.

Vector data

  1. Add INSPIRE hydrology dataset


    Fig. 69 Data are stored in publication-data/publication-data/isprire_hy_gml_etrf89/HY.290399b.gml.

  2. Select all layers


    Fig. 70 Click on Select all button.

  3. Create Hydrology group

  4. Add all vector files from publication-data/zabaged_topography_shp_utm

  5. Create map composition, play with styles

    LesniPrusek:Bridle way
    SilniceDalnice:Primary road
    Ulice:Residential road