Unit 07 - QGIS loves GRASS

Let’s step out of the GRASS GIS for a moment. QGIS is a very popular open source GIS package which made a significant progress in the last years. Nowadays it’s used in education, academic environment, but also in commercial settings. The project started originally more or less as a multiplatform browser for geospatial data. This is not true any more, QGIS made important steps for being an analytic tool. Beside native algoritms QGIS offers also connection to external software packages like SAGA, Orfeo or GRASS GIS. In other words, you can run GRASS tools from QGIS without starting GRASS explicitly.

There two options how to access GRASS tools from QGIS environment:

  • generic Processing plugin
  • specialized GRASS plugin

Both plugins can be easily activated from Plugins ‣ Manage and Install Plugins.